Friday, April 13, 2012

About Acharya Ishan shivanand ji


A HH Acharya Ishan shivanand ji or ishan baba as he is fondly called by the devotees is a charismatic personality. He is a worthy disciple of HH Avdooth Baba shivanandji who is hailed as the father of Indian healing. From very childhood HH Aacharya Ishan shivanandji had a strong passion for God realization and this unceasing and overwhelming desire has led him to undertake tutelage under an enlightened master. An ardent yogic practioner and an avid naturopath Ishan ji has developed yogic kriyas and postures which has been of immense help to practitioners.. Ishan ji following in the tradition of great masters has dedicated his life to the noble endeavour of spreading sacred and pragmatic legacy of siddhagurus to all corners of the world.